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Langara Apartments



Resident · 2013 - 2014
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Office Staff
I moved here a while ago. On the whole, it seems good. All the tenants are nice, except for this one weird lady who keeps trying to cast spells on me... maybe she's just waving "hello", I'm not sure. There are many dogs here, and they all seem very quiet and well mannered. I've never heard one bark; I wonder what it sounds like. Either this is a good place for dogs or it's a boarding home for mute canines. If you re a fireman, there are plenty of places for you to park your fire truck. A lot of the curbs are red. If you're not a fireman, there are plenty of civilian spaces for you. One time someone hit on me at the mailbox. They said they really liked bread and I looked "as hot and soft as fresh loaf". He had some bread with him; whole grain with a touch of honey, I think. I also once heard a guy singing what I thought was a Brian McKnight song whilst unloading groceries from his car. I realized it wasn't a Brian McKnight song when he sang the line "I'd build a catapult just to catapult myself into your arms". There's no way Brian wrote that, he was much better at poetry. The location is nice. It's within five minutes of wherever you want to go, assuming you have a teleporter that can take you anywhere within five minutes. There's Fred Meyer, Safeway, a QFC and another QFC within about two minutes. Kroger Foods seems to have this area locked down. The Highlands are very close, and that area seems to be growing. Rather expedient, because you can sound hip by telling people you live in the Highlands even though you don't. Kind of like telling people you live in Ballard even though we both know it's technically Magnolia. There's a bus stop right outside the property, but I don't think anyone uses it because this is America. Jake is the maintenance guy. He's the nicest out of all the property management. He has a golf cart and he doesn't slow down for the speed bumps, which is how I like my maintenance teams--extreme, and pushin' it to the limit. Next time I bring a date home, I m going to ask if I can borrow it to show them the complex. Jake can come, too, if he wants. My washer wasn't washing clothes a few months ago and he replaced it within 24 hours. I'm not sure if the new one works or not, I haven't used it yet. I haven't heard any gunshots yet, either. This is a huge change from my last home because I used to live at a firing range. I did see cops once at the apartments (I saw them at the firing range, too). They were not serving or protecting. They were just talking. I'd assume they'd stop talking and serve and protect if they needed to, though. I ll have to ask them about it next time. Overall, I like living here.
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Langara Apartments Manager


Thank you for your review! I must say this is one of the most entertaining reviews I have read in awhile. We love our residents and pets!!! We are glad you like living here, we take great pride in our community. Langara Business Manager

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