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Langara Apartments



Resident · 2012 - 2020
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Office Staff
Unfortunately the quality of this complex has gone down. Residents seem to hate kids and complain about them acting like kids. This is extremely frustrating when there isn't a place for them to play. The grass is muddy 80 percent of the time. People let their dogs roam off leash and don't pick up after them. Parking is awful. The appliances are very old. There are no amenities to speak of. No pool, no exercise room, no REAL playground and there is no garden setting either. One year they closed off sections of the complex to repaint the sidewalks and they didn't have enough spaces for the residents cars, or a solution to this problem. A lot of vehicles were ticketed as a result. The entrance to the complex on Issaquah Pine Lake Road is terrible. People are just plain mean to each other in that area so you see a lot of road rage and hear a lot of horns and sirens. During the school year a lot of cars go around buses while they're letting kids off, ignoring the flashing lights and stop sign. Lately they are telling the kids that they can't play outside on their own without an adult, so we are just kind of fed up.
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Langara Apartments

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