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The Highlands at Wynhaven



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/12/2005
I've been out of Avalon for about 4 months now, after leaving on horrible terms. I figure I've had enough cooling down time to thoughtfully explain my greivances.<br><br>Let's start with the positive as I hope this is taken seriously by the Avalon Staff and the Corporate Office that I know monitors this site:<br><br>1. The complex and all of the units are BEAUTIFUL, can't deny them that.<br>2. The maint. staff is staffed by some very decent, down to earth members of civilization who should probably trade places with the office staff (more on that later.)<br>3. Your first years rent will probably be slightly lower than market value due to a mound of concessions.<br><br>Now, that said, it's imperative you don't get hooked on items 1 and 3 like we did, here is why:<br><br>1. The Community Director (as of 6/17/2005) is a complete jerk. A casual conversation with him is usually decent and insightful as he is EXTREMELY intelligen and witty. If you have a complaint, especially about him or his staff, you will not like dealing with him at all. Despite his lack of professionalism in dealing with problems he is not in tune with today's landlord-tenant laws. Best example of this was his failure to deliver a summary of deposit within two weeks of my move out date that itemized all deposits. I even tried to beg him to fax it to me before midnight of the 14th day and he blew me off like I was a piece of trash. Turned out I was right and they gave me a small unofficial settlement in leiu of going to small claims court.<br>2. The rest of the staff is mostly incapable of handling any situation without the approval of the above mentioned community director. They often contradict themselves regarding pricing and maint issues. <br>3. Unfortunatly you are not rewarded for being a good steward of the rules and policies of the community. During summer of '04, Avalon asked people to remove their A/C units that protrude from the windows under threat of eviction. About 2/3's of those with the A/C units removed them, but several ignored the edict. The community director was not able to enforce this rule or threat of eviction. Avalon will also not consistently enforce their parking policy with more than a hand slap.<br>4. Rent prices are set artificially low to begin with due to a mound of concessions used to offset market value. These concessions are not extended following years and rent will likely go up 200-300 a month depending on what unit you live in. Forget the month-to-month rate as well, a $300 premium is staked on top of rent for that. Management will not waive the month-to-month premium for a single day past your lease period.<br>6. Bears, Bears, Bears.... I believe many of the other reviews already address this issue adequatly.<br><br>So that is my take, this is certainly only a set of specific examples and does not represent all of the good and bad things, just the most obvious.
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The Highlands at Wynhaven

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