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The Alexan at Kenmore



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/15/2007
Yesterday an Alexan manager sent tenants a letter telling them effective tomorrow, their parking spaces would change. No explanation was offered. Approximately 15 residents whose parking spaces were arbitrarily moved away from their buildings went to the office to ask for an explanation. The management twins (who came on board in Dec, 2006) refused to explain the sudden change, refused to give tenants the Pinnacle Mgmt phone number, and instead called the police after a few tenants raised their voices. Within the hour, another letter was distributed offering an apology, a cancellation of the new parking plan, but no explanation of what they'll do next. <br><br>I guess their plan is like the Bush plan for Iraq: We don't know what we're doing and we don't have to tell you why. <br><br>If you own two vehicles, you'll probably have to park one of them illegally on the side of the road above the complex. If you don't mind missing work when your car is iced in, no worries. (This happened during the snows and black ice of Nov/Dec. 2006. The owners wouldn't/couldn't pay to sand or deice the frozen parking lots. Maintenance did a poor job tossing around deicer. One car got stuck and blocked another car for 3 days.)<br><br>If you're comfortable with managers who are rude and unprofessional, who rarely answer their phone or return your calls, who refuse to disclose what your rent increase will be when you ask them, then you'll like it here. (FTR I always received fair treatment from the previous managers.)<br><br>ETA: Expect to take a hike to dump your garbage if you live near the main entrance. The dumpster here is constantly overflowing with trash. It appears that non-residents have choesn the Alexan for their illegal dumping needs. Cartons and bags of business documents, old appliances, even commercial freezers full of rotting food have been left around the dumpster for days, even weeks.
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The Alexan at Kenmore

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