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Clearwater Bay Apartments



Resident · 2014 - 2015
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Office Staff
The first couple weeks living at Clearwater Bay seemed really nice. The view of that pond and the variety of ducks, geese and fish seemed very pleasant. However, after a couple more weeks, the days and nights were miserable. All day and ALL night all we can hear is loud quacking, geese honking, birds splashing around, cats trying to chase the water critters and the geese and ducks fighting. We were told it was a quiet place by the manager and that they kept up with the maintaining of the pond. We realized that was a lie when we noticed how many Koi were belly-up in that water and how disgusting the water looked. Not only that, but the sidewalks and paths to the parking lot were covered in feces, never hosed down, and there were several times where I would walk out to the parking lot to find splattered duck corpses for days - none of the staff took care of it - I would always have to do it or I'd see other tenants trying to move them or stop their pets from trying to eat them. Aside from the noisy wildlife, there are noisy neighbors. They may not mean it, but you can hear an entire conversation just by sitting on the toilet. The walls only keep your life visibly private - your neighbors will be able to hear everything you do and you will be able to hear them, so intimacy can quickly become very embarrassing. So can arguments and any movie you watch or game you play. My neighbors disturbed me and the other tenants by playing their music and movies so loud they shook the walls, 21 hours a day. They got disturbing the peace complaints several times and still have not been evicted. It's been several months and nothing has changed nor have the managers done anything about it. They wont tell you these things while they're giving you the tour, either. They are also VERY slow on maintenance. I put in a maint. request for the bathroom fan and didn't receive help for several months. Lastly, I find it disgusting that you have to pay 2.5 times your rent to get out of the lease early when you only have 1 month of rent left. So if you pay $775 a month, that's $1937.50 for 1 month. With how quickly apartments fill up in the tri-cities, that kind of agreement is ridiculous. If all other places are filled and this is the only apartment left, then go for it. The layout inside the apartment is nice. If you have other options, though, I'd say save yourself the headache and sleepless nights and go elsewhere.
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Clearwater Bay Apartments

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