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Highlander Apartments



Resident · 2008 - 2010
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
Safety - 3 nights after moving in, my car was broken into. 4 other cars were hit that night. Management reminded us of the 'we aren't liable' clause in our lease. Since then, cars are broken into on average, once a month. Everytime it seems to be cars that are new to the lot, and management always tells the owners they are shocked because that 'never happens here.' Parking - it's assigned, but if you aren' in your spot by 5pm, someone visiting someone else will take your spot. They usually leave around 3am. You can tow, but only if the office is open to call the tow company for you. Apperance - they are pretty standard for being cheap. Not very original and the trim is very faded. The grounds aren't appealing at all. Office staff - they like to take the 'we aren't responsible' stand. They are slow to help you and often don't return calls. Maintenance - if you put a request in, it happens quick, but if you don't ask, it wont get done. They only clear snow/ice when someone complains. Condition of unit - we were assured we were getting a unit that the previous owner hadn't smoked in, but when we walked in I said it smelled like smoke. They told me it must be the carpet cleaning solution because they had just washed the carpets. There's stains everywhere from previous renters. Noise - the worst. You can hear everything going on outside at night. Parents let their kids run all over, up and down stairs of other buildings, screaming. Adults get wasted and hollar. You hear every break-up and make-up, and every slamming door. Overall - If deposits elsewhere weren't so expensive, we'd move out in a heartbeat. Our biggest regret is moving into this place. Everytime we leave, even if it's just for a couple hours, we wonder if our apartment will get broken into. Rent keeps going up, but they don't do anything to make the place better. The back gate is supposed to be open during office hours, but they close it 90 minutes early most days and open it late, so you never know if you'll have to drive back around. They brag about the fitness center when you tour, but most of the machines either don't work at all, or little things are broken. They also talk up the tanning bed - but most residents leave it a mess and you're too afraid of catching something in there. And they say tanning is free on a lot of these apartment websites - it is free, but you have to pay $30 to get the key that gets into the tanning room. Owners don't pick up after their pets (and managment doesn't enforce it) so if you step off the sidewalk, you'll step into something else.
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Highlander Apartments

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