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Resident · 2010 - 2011
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I currently live at hood manor apartments and I cannot wait to get out of here. Me and My husband had a friend living there and tried getting him on the lease but they wouldn't allow us to have 3 adults in a two bedroom apartment. so he moved out. about 5 days later he came over just to hang out and the next day we had an eviction notice for us to vacate the apartment. we spoke with them and said they gave us the eviction notice because they assumed he was living with us. they ASSUMED. what good landlords huh. so we had that fixed and then i had my daughter and our friend would come over at about 8 in the morning and help me out with household stuff and watching the baby so i could get some sleep. He was NOT living with us. then we got an eviction notice and we spoke with them and they yelled at my husband and said he had been there 5 days out of 7 and since he was there at 8 in the morning he had to be living with us.(so i pay good money for them to say what hours visitors can be there?) and he would park not in the parking lot because last time they saw his car and we got an eviction notice and they were saying we were being sneaky and letting him live here so they said we needed to do something about it so we tried to get a new apartment to fix the problem and they gave us the worst review they possibly could. saying we were sneaky and liars and came up with everything bad they could say about us. they are the rudest most unprofessional people i have ever dealt with. and you can hear everything that goes on outside the apartment. and with a newborn baby the noise always wakes her up. And if you look into the back courtyard there is pine needles everywhere with pine cones all over. they dont clean it up at all. And outside my apartment there is no light at all. the lightbulb has been burnt out the entire 7 months i've lived here. I would stay away from here if you can help it.
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