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Mosaic Hills



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/31/2007
If you like living with crazy drunk stupid people youve found a great place. If you like you car busted into more then once youve found a great place. If you like the stupid office staff who love to put notices on your door youll love it here! If you like living in a dump where the walls peel and the carpet stinks.. you love it here. If you love having ---- break down on you youll love it here. The cops probably rent an apartment here because there are so many calls they just sit in the apt. waiting for the call to come in. I wonder if they ---- them over? I love how you now pay about 50 bucks more for water. I love that i moved my dryer back because it wasnt put in right and i find nasty porn and hair from someone that wasnt me. I love how this place has these old --- guys who are the ground keepers.. cruzin around in their lil dune buggys.. doing nothing but pickin up carts and diggin thru the trash..OH the apt they show you.. ya right just think of it 10 times worse and add the smell of dead bodies.. cuz theres been alot here... GOT TO LOVE THE SUMMIT .. BE AWARE THESE ARE NOT THE GATES FOR HEAVEN BUT THE GATES FOR HELL...
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Mosaic Hills

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