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Rock Creek Landing



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Office Staff
Resident 2002 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/05/2007
1. I called the office after our big storm, and asked if they would be deicing the sidewalks,"we are working on that". never made it to the back of the property<br>2. A tree fell on a carport and hit a Car, so I called the 24 maintenance # "well what do you want me to do about it?"<br>3. Someone parked me into a spot so I called the security # they tell you to call for parking, "we go off duty at 6:00 A.M. call your office" office opens @ 9:00 A.M.<br>4. They started painting my building and seem to have forgotten to finish it plus it rained and made a lot of the paint Run, looks like crap.<br>5. They will not Pressure wash the moss off the balcony or stairs, "it is a service they provide for new move-ins"<br>6. WTF is with people not cleaning up after their pets, I know the ducks have free reign of the place, but people with big dogs need to clean-up "What Apt do the dogs live in? I don't know, well if we knew the apt # we could talk to them"<br>The list could go on and on but I will stop here.
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Rock Creek Landing

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