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Rock Creek Landing



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Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/08/2007
I have lived in this complex for a few months now, and from the second week here, I have been slowly, and agonizingly counting down the days until I can leave this hellhole waste bucket.<br><br>If you come here to look at this place, please look carefully, and then run away screaming like you've seen a ghost. Do not be fooled by the seemingly new paint job (there are missed spots upon closer inspection), and clean look of the complexes. These buildings are old. They smell like mold. there is duck fecal matter everywhere. Half of the outdoor lighting doesn't work.<br><br>If you want a place to park. You have to make sure you get it between 8am and 3pm Otherwise, enjoy the mile long walk to your front door.<br><br>There are so many things wrong with this place that its hard to keep the list straight in my head.<br><br>The maintenance crew doesn't speak a word of english, which would be fine, save for the fact that the orders they get from the management are assanine.<br><br>They are currently working on our staircase/entryway. Management has sent out a letter stating that we would not be allowed to exit or leave our aparments between 8am and 5pm. Maintenance nails plywood boards over the doors to keep people from moving to and from.<br><br>Although i am not fond of feeling like a prisoner, i would rather question the many issues that this could cause in case of an emergency. I need not list any off, as i'm sure you could use your imagination.<br><br>To top it all off. I do not work normal hours. I have to work today at 1:30pm, which is right in the middle of their time frame. It is not safe to leave any part of the apartment unlocked. So coming to and from the slider on the duck crap ridden, moldy, patio is out of the question.<br><br>When filing a complaint about the construction we were told (very rudely) that that is why we were given 48 hours notice.<br><br>I have no family or relatives here to stay with. So i guess i'm basically supposed to rent out an over priced, under maintained apartment that i'm not even allowed to stay in. What am i supposed to do, rent a motel?<br>Why don't they just have their maintenance crew build me a small hut that i can pay ridiculous amount of money for on top of my rent. Yes, and they can put it in the parking lot for me. Whats that you say? Theres no room in the parking lot? Because they already built garages in the place where my hut would go. (does anyone get the joke? i had to try)<br><br>Please please please, if there is any one thing you could do for yourself, it would be to avoid this place like the medieval plague that it is.<br><br>I could go into other problems and more detail, but you should get the point with this.<br><br>All ramblings aside. This place is a hole! You are better off somewhere else, or even under a bridge. At least under a bridge you can come and go as you please.
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Rock Creek Landing

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