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Rock Creek Landing



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kentrenter22 • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/04/2007
I have lived here a little over a year, 15 months to be exact, and the complex has only gotten worse as time has passed. At first glance the complex looks beautiful and the model apartments are so nicely decorated and furnished with all new appliances. DON'T BE FOOLED!!!! PARKING: If you get home before 5pm you are usually fine. Unfortunately, you can forget parking anywhere near you apartment if you are in past dark, especially in the winter. Management even took out numerous parking spots to build garages. Great, yeah...except, they cost about $100/month!!! If you want you can buy a Carport spot (~$25/month), but they won't tow anyone that decides they want to park in your paid spot. Management says they have to put a note on the door and wait 24hrs to tow; what a waste! NOISE: The geese are out of control! Not only do they wake everyone up squawking nonstop, but they crap all over the walkways around the complex. Car alarms go off at all hours of the day and night. There is a routine alarm that goes off at 10:15pm every night like an alarm clock. Depending on your location, there are parties and music that can be heard at times until 3-4am. Courtesy patrol is a joke, and nothing is ever done about noise issues. Fireworks can be heard at all hours of the night from the beginning of June to the beginning of August. They are shot off in the parking lot and on the paths throughout the complex right outside apartment windows. Management says they are illegal on the property, but nothing has been done about them either of the past 2 years. GROUNDS: They look nice, but a closer look reveals otherwise. When I moved in there were beautiful fish in the ponds with working fountains. After the reroofing project, the fish were never replaced and the ponds have never been kept up. The pond fountains are almost always broken and never get fixed if they aren't in road view. The weeds around the ponds grow out of control before they ever get touched. The grass is almost always muddy. It is over watered and you never want to walk on it. They mow regardless of the weather, thus muddy tracks and sinkholes all over the lawn. The paths around the complex are covered in geese crap, as they have taken over the property around the ponds and in the parking lot. People have gone so far as to walk all the way around other apartments to avoid the territorial birds that will hiss at and charge residents. Between the bark pile by the office and the farming land next to the complex, there can be a terribly rotten and compost-like odor that can be smelled year round when conditions are right both in and out of the apartment. SAFETY: The city of Kent in general isn't the safest place. Many thugs can be seen walking around the parking lots at all hours. Kids run wild though the parking lots, around the complex, and by the ponds unsupervised. The lights on the paths and outside the buildings are unpredictable, sometimes they work and other times they don t. I wouldn't recommend walking from the parking lot to an apartment door alone at night if no one is expecting you. Nightly at 10pm, marijuana is smoked below my apartment. I have also seen and smelled it in the parking lot. CONSTRUCTION: Management has been "updating" this past year. The new paint was nice. The garages have only increased parking problems. Supposedly all the decks were to be rebuilt and fixed, but my building didn't get any update. Empty management promise! MAINTENANCE: Hope it isn't too urgent! Usually it takes 2 days to get a maintenance worker out to fix anything. My dryer almost started on fire 2 days later they vacuumed it out and said it was good. You can't make appointments, so you always have to give them permission to enter if you aren't there. STAFF: They tell you what you want to hear and most of the time they don't know answers and have to seek the supervisor. Usually you have to contact the office a few times to get an answer. Generally they are nice, but mostly airheaded. MISCELLANEOUS: - You can't see your apartment before you move in. Don't count on new appliances, as they won't replace them unless they completely stop working. My dryer takes a minimum of 2 hours to dry a medium load of clothes and 2-3 hours for a towels load. It is crazy! They haven't even replaced it when it nearly started on fire. - WORKOUT CENTER: Small, but it has some basic stuff. The 5, 10, and 15 lb dumbbells were stolen and management promised to replace them, which was last September...still no replacements. There is no air circulation because the only windows are on the same wall. Management promised to put in a fan by the end of June. Still no fan! I asked them about it and their response was, "if you find one that can be mounted you can let us know and we will think about it." More empty promises! - POOL & SPA: Nice, but very busy with kids in the summer. Maintenance takes great care of the pool and spa. The spa isn't usually busy and is nice for relaxing.
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Rock Creek Landing

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