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Washington Park



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/06/2007
I would never recommend anyone rent an apartment at Washington Park. We were not from the area and had to find a place to live. We spoke with the staff and asked about the area to inquire about the safety. We were told it was a nice neighborhood with stores and things close by. Things were close, but very unsafe. We always saw cops around people on the street outside the apartments. Also, people would always be hanging around in their cars late at night. They say it is under surveillance 24 hrs., but it's not as good as you're led to believe. Some guy sits in the main building from 6pm-2am and then no one is there during the worst hours in that place. The front gate doesn't work. They advertise it as a feature, but I seriously doubt it will be fixed it never worked while we were there. We were waken up at night several times. Once someone was outside our bedroom window,even though it's an area without a sidewalk and they hit the wall. Another time we woke up to sounds like gunshots, three in a row and then a car sped out of the complex at 3:20 in the morning. When we told the manager it doesn't seem she even believed us. Our heaters made black marks on the walls that wouldn't wipe off. When we went to talk to the staff they sent a person over to check it out and he said we dumped wax down all of the heaters (as if that makes sense). They luckily got a new manager who said that is common with electric heaters.Just take a hint from the multiple pages of the lease, Washington Park is not a safe nor clean place to live. Their lease covers their tracks legally and they do not care to take actions to make the place better. Our bathtub backed up a couple of times. There is no good locks on the door so even inside your place it feels very very unsecure. We finally put our valuables in storage because we were seriously afraid of being robbed. Also, you don't get a parking spot that's assigned so several times we had to park far far away and walk in an area where you just feel unsafe. This is a horrible place to live. We lived there for under two months and had to get out we felt so unsafe. Do no move there! On a good note, the apartment layout is nice and spacious. Lots of storage, but was dirty when we moved in, even though it had been "cleaned."<br>
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Washington Park

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