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Asbury Park Apartment Homes



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/20/2005
We had the extreme misfortune of living here for a year. The management at the time we moved in seemed competent enough, but our first clue should have been that they were bragging about finally having evicted a crack dealer from one of the apartments. The entire team changed (for the worse) at least twice during our tenancy. One member of the management team left after punching a hole in a tenant's bathroom window and having the Kirkland Police department called to handle the situation. Good employees obviously did not want to stay at this facility for long. Shortly after management changed the first time beer bottles and trash started piling up on the grounds with no apparent effort made to clean it. Laundry is not in unit and I had several pairs of underwear stolen from me, complaints to management were never dealt with in any way. On a practical level the laundry room is not equipped with either a change machine or a sink. We requested at move in that they replace our blinds and by the time we moved out a year later it still had not been done. Bad wiring resulted in our kitchen light blowing and shooting a flame that singed the ceiling. The maintenance man who was sent to replace the fried light fixture flipped the wrong breaker and toasted the motherboard on our computer. When we complained about this management disavowed any responsibility. Consistent complaints regarding a neighbor who blared music on a near daily basis on the other side of our bedroom wall were never resolved. We were told that the neighbors in question were illegal aliens subletting the apartment and that management were "consulting with a lawyer" about eviction proceedings but nothing was done about that situation either. More than once we were denied access to our mail because the cabana was closed due to vandalism or just because management decided to leave for the day and go home early. On one of these occasions we were informed of the situation via a misspelled, grammatically butchered note posted on the door wherein the name of the community itself was misspelled as, "Swanee Village", among numerous other laughably obvious errors. Aside from the very beginning of our tenancy the jacuzzi never worked and was closed with a sign indicating repairs were forthcoming. Frequently, the dumpster outside our building had abandoned furniture, electronics, and other assorted debris piling up and rotting in the rain for weeks on end with no effort from anyone to remove it. For a period of about one month a wanted felon remained living out of his car in the parking lot. Police were called to handle this man on a near daily basis and eventually he was taken care of but not before threatening my husband on the walk from the parking lot to our door for "looking at him." Other tenants had problems with a peeping Tom looking in bathroom windows. The final straw to this horrible experience was the fact that there was mold growing in our bedroom, we believe due to a trough that formed outside the window every time it rained. I would have to say that this is an excellent place to live if you are an illegal alien or wanted felon with little to no self respect or standard of living. Rest assured, management will take no action against you.
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Asbury Park Apartment Homes

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