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Asbury Park Apartment Homes



Resident · 2008
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Office Staff
Aside from the AMAZINGLY polite construction crew that starts work at 7 am DAILY, the office is about as helpful as a box of rocks; which I'm sure they used to fill the 4 billion potholes that have formed in the parking lot. Not only does the construction crew start using their equipment early, but they accompany it with cursing loudly and russian techno and using their oversized trucks for splashing in the puddles they created! I would never live in a Weidner run complex EVER again! The office has moved 4 times since I moved in 6 months ago, oh and there is no rent box, so good luck paying that on time. The parent company could give a crap about anything you want to address with them. The office is open at completely random times, one day open at 11, the next closed from 11 til God knows when. Growing up I knew these were the "------" apartments and nothing has changed, just a new coat of paint and new carpet. The "remodeled" kitchen has no space for anything including dishes, never mind food. The microwave was install 3 millimeters from the wall so the door wont open all the way. The water was installed backwards for the wash machine (but there is no point in telling management they won't fix it), so it's a guess as to what temp your clothes will be washed in. It took them 3 months to attach my dishwasher to the counter so it didn't dance around in the hole that was cut too small to fit it in. I would not only suggest that no one ever live in these apartments but that no one ever live in a Weidner managed property!
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Asbury Park Apartment Homes

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