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Avana at Forbes Creek Apartments

11110 Forbes Creek Dr

Kirkland, WA 98033



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Office Staff
Resident 2001 - 2002 Recommended
Reviewed 03/01/2002
This is a really nice complex...with a few small problems. If you´re not picky like I am, you can learn to get over it. <br> <br>1)We happened to live near a group home that was in one of the nearby building´s apartments. I have no problem with that, but the handicapped busses like to back up alot...creating that "BEEP BEEP BEEP" noise we all love to hate. The outside noise is rather bothersome. <br>2)On the same strain, if you have neighbors with small children who like to stomp...or just large neighbors in general, you can hear every step they make up and down the stairs outside your apartment. <br>3)when it came time for us to renew our lease, the offer made to us by management for renewing was $100 over their highest advertised price for a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment at that time. For instance, if the range was, oh say 800-1000 in the local apartment books and websites, they offered us 1100 per month to continue a lease! <br>4)Our cell phones (sprint) got service in the living room only, in a 3rd floor apartment toward the top of the hill. Most times it was okay. <br>5)Other tenants sometimes will not use their covered parking space (each apt. has one covered included), therefore decreasing the number of "open" spaces for everyone´s second cars. Very frustrating to get home at 9pm and have to park 2 buildings over just because your neighbor won´t park in their covered spot because "it´s too far" or "it´s raining" (covered spots are within one building´s length of your apartment as a general rule). <br>6)They leak heat in the winter, especially the top floor. <br>7)Digital cable cuts out sometimes because of being in a valley-if you call the company they´ll reimburse you for lost pictures!! <br> <br>Ok, onto the good parts. <br>1)the staff is usually VERY nice. <br>2)The facilities are wonderful-lots to do <br>3)If you like walking?? There´s a GREAT walking loop around the complex-hills, flat spots, and a variance as to terrain. about 30-40 minute walk. <br>4)Schools are very close by, as is downtown Kirkland, I405 (without it being obvious the highway´s near), and parks. <br>5)The remodelled apartments are beautiful on the inside and very well done. <br>6)Maintenance is very prompt on fixing problems-sometimes within the hour, even if it´s NOT an emergency! <br> <br>Sorry this is long-hope it helps your decision!
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Avana at Forbes Creek Apartments

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