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Evergreen Heights



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/06/2005
I have lived here for a year and in that time I found the office staff to be very lacking in the mental department. I think the girl named Danika is the worst so far. She tries so hard to be smart but comes across as condescending. When asking about fixing things in my apartment they have been slow to respond or actually talking me out of getting the sink or blinds replaced that are falling apart. <br><br>You hear a lot of people arguing at night. There seems to always be a fight somewhere here now. There are some motorcycle people and they rev their engines early in the morning when it is sunny, totally inconsiderate of others. <br><br>There is a lot of construction around here, right by the Hospital, and they are upgrading that place every day. Expect traffic delays all around this area. There are even cameras on the traffic lights because it is getting dangerous.<br><br>Overall I would say, if you have to, move in, but if you can avoid it and find something cheaper do because they make you pay so many fees when you sign up it's almost a crime. Oh speaking of crimes, everyone moving in has a background, employment and crime check, at your cost done. Good on one hand for them, but bad for you since you sign your privacy away.<br><br>Don't plan on having guests. There is only 1 visitor parking per area and they are usually hogged by tenants. The only place to park is on the main street and there is a lot of vandalism. <br><br>One last thing, there has been an explosion of cats here. An explosion! They just laid down beauty bark and the cats use it as a litter box. The cats then sleep on top of your cars at night, leaving white fur and dirt on your paint finish. It really is gross. <br><br>They have a tendency to be pushy and adamant that somehow you are getting a good deal when you try to renew your lease at higher costs, when the apartments in your area are considerably lower. Overall, it's completely greedy, overpriced kind of place. I worry for the safety of the children here. There are a lot of porch people who smoke on their balconies at night with beers in their hands.
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Evergreen Heights

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