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Evergreen Heights



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 01/16/2007
Pros:<br>I had a complaint about some kids upstairs, and after trying to let them know of the noise level, it started up again. I notified the office girls and that next day they recieved a notice that they needed to be quiet. They informed me to let them know if I have any further problems.<br> If I have any question about anything they are really friendly and not uptight like some places.<br>The Evergreen Hospital is across the street, so I thought it might be noisy with sirens before I moved in, but I rarely hear them.<br> <br>I had a problem with a leak under my kitchen sink and their mantenance guy was so nice and got it fixed within 24 hours, and didn't have to call him back, he did it right the first time. He explains things without making you feel stupid, then asks if there is anything else that needs fixing while he is there. Very Cool!<br><br>I have never had problems with teenagers or people hanging around, no drunks or druggies around, noise level is actually really good and I've never felt unsafe here.<br>They do criminal checks on people before they move in, so that might help.<br><br>When we had the power outtages and no electricity, one building had power and the maintenance guy Kevin decided he wanted to help people and created a make-shift soup kitchen in one of the empty apartments, he got the other staff involved and they let people come in to get warm, have free coffee and food, all week. What a lifesaver, big thank you to Kevin!<br><br>Cons: There is only one designated parking space for each apartment, they do have some open spaces but could use more.<br>I did have someone park in my parking space, BUT.. I complained to management and after not being able to find that person, they called the tow truck and within 30 minutes, they were outta there!<br>Some neighbors are idiots, not actually putting their trash bags IN the dumpster blocking the way sometimes.<br>The rent has gone up a little, many complained, but other apartments in the area are charging the same so guess it's just inflation, and the way I'm treated here, I don't mind the small increase.<br><br>Some people who are bad mouthing this place probably got kicked out cause they weren't paying the rent. <br>I would definately reccomend you give this place a try, it's comfortable and not rickety, and staff actually cares.
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Evergreen Heights

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