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Woodlake Apartments



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Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/23/2007
**Disclaimer: First of all, I m an incredibly reasonable person, so I feel what I m about to say is more than justifiable. PLEASE READ ON**<br><br>While this apartment complex is reasonably priced one should not have to sacrifice some of what my family has in order to save a little on rent. Within the first month of living here the mail boxes were broken into and every single resident s mail was stolen from the lock boxes I found it curious how it wasn t one or two or even three mail boxes but the whole damn complex of mail boxes. Then approximately 45 days later, I get a notice on my door from the sheriffs department stating that a residents apartment was broken into during the early am hours. Apparently the person was home but asleep. The intruder did not harm the resident but did of course steal some items from the home. A short time after that, I come home to another notice on my door from the management office stating that the office was burglarized and all the rent checks were stolen Luckily, I had handed my rent check in a few days early and our check had already been processed Then by about the second month I noticed some ants in our kitchen area. At first it was only a couple so I didn t pay it much mind. By the third of fourth day since the original ant sighting, our kitchen area was starting to look like a mini ant farm. At any rate, I contacted management and within 4 days they had an exterminator from Orkin come out to treat the apartment. Upon talking with the Orkin guy I had learned that this apartment complex has had an ongoing issue with an ant infestation at the D building in particular has it the worst. The man revealed to me that he spends 12 hours a month here during the spring and summer months to keep the ant problem and bay. Needless to say, it has been almost a year and the ant problem has not gotten any better and the management office is sooooo god damned lazy about seeing to it that Orkin treats my apartment regularly. So I ve resorted to using raid in order to control them. That has been relatively successful but I usually see on average one ant every other day or so, which is better than it was. I mean it was bad, there were ant trails running through my kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, dining area and living room. And I am not by any stretch of the imagination a dirty person. This apartment is meticulously clean. According to the Orkin guy one of the apartments adjacent to me has the worst infestation he s ever seen so maybe that has something to do with it. <br><br>Moving on, by about the 4th or maybe 5th month of dwelling here the mailboxes were broken into yet again. Finally by about October or so, the management team had the boxes completely switched out by the postal service and new keys were issued. Next up, my car was broken into the other day, and everything that was in the glove compartment and center console was stolen Anyway, if it s not one thing it s another over here at glorious Woodlake apartments A final thought here, I don t how true this is but my fianc was telling a friend of his where we live and the friend said that sometime in December of 2004 or 2005 some guy was shot to death outside of his apartment here at Woodlake . Good stuff and par for the course as far as I m concerned. If your personal safety and privacy is of concern to you, don t consider moving to Woodlake. I ve noticed quite a few crime related incidents here, not to mention my ant problem and the lack of responsibility that the management takes on. That is all that I can think of for now Oh yeah and by the way, there s a sign out front on the street advertising for help wanted for maintenance people So they hire the maintenance people who have access to the keys to your apartment, right off the street!!!! Heck yeah! That s about how secure your place is if you chose to live here.<br>
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Woodlake Apartments

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