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Cedar Park Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/08/2008
When I first moved in it seemed alright, someone else I knew had lived there and told me about it. You definetly get what you pay for! Things are extremely outdated!!! My apartment smelled like a smoking hotel room when I moved in, and the smell never went away! Anything that broke was taped or glued, or jimmy rigged back together. Ok, the landlord is a total nut case! He says he has done every job there is, from bounty hunter, to casino security. He is literally in EVERYONES business. He would know who came and went from your apartment, and make comments about them, or tell you they couldn't come there anymore because they had been there over 14 times.(was actually told to me about my father) At first the constant eye made me feel safe, but when I realized it wasn't for protection it freaked me out. The maintance man went through my garbage twice, really went through it, and then left it in front of my door half empty?!? I never knew what that was about, but had to have men take it out for me to ensure it wouldn't happen again. The maintance guy would through peoples things away, like plant holders, rugs, bowls, or anything else they felt didn't belong. There are a total of 6 vistors parking stalls on the whole property, with at least 85 units. If you park in the wrong spot even for a short time they will tow your car. This was done to a friend visiting, because he was parked in front of a fire hydrant, which was covered by ivy. They obviously did it on purpose, this was told to me by the towing man. Overall its a ------ place to live. Unless your loner, who doesn't know or talk to anyone, don't mind people being in your personal business, the landlord making rude, and at times racist comments, a maintance man who looks and acts like a tweeker, and goes through your garbage....you'll fit in fine!
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Cedar Park Apartments

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