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Resident · 2008 - 2011
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Office Staff
Think twice about moving into Watercrest Apartments...unless you have a particular fondness for RATS IN THE WALLS and CREEPY CRAWLER CRITTERS that bite in the night. ALSO BEWARE OF THEIR DEPOSIT POLICIES. THEY WILL KEEP YOUR MONEY AND CHARGE YOU MORE IF THEY CAN! After living there for two and a half years I will give you both the pros and the cons so you can judge for yourself. PROS: Wonderfully LARGE, SPACIOUS APARTMENTS with huge covered decks, washer and dryers in some units, fitness center and beautiful pool. The Maintenance Department is the best ever and extremely quick to respond. The Management is also nice. I LOVED the layout and the large windows of my apartment. Beautiful view. It was a great apartment and very easy to live in. I loved it! My building was secured and had an elevator so I felt very comfortable. I paid for parking each month so obviously had no problem with that. CONS: 1. TRAFFIC ON BOTHELL WAY-- Leaving the parking lot in the morning during rush hour could be tricky because there is so much traffic on Bothell Way. I will not miss that. You also could hear the traffic day and night. 2. RATS: at first I thought the noises I heard at night were nothing more than the creaking of an older building..or maybe some birds on the roof. As time went on and the noises became louder, more aggressive and more frequent, I realized that these were rats scurrying over my head and in the walls of my apartment. I was often awakened at night by the sound of these creatures trying to eat through the plaster in the walls in order to gain entrance into my apartment. The wires inside the walls would rattle and I worried that they would short out and cause a fire. Needless to say I could not sleep comfortably when I heard them clawing at the walls. One did eventually get into my cupboard under the kitchen sink. Maintenance set a trap and caught a seven inch rat (not including tail) I could hear other rats come to the same spot after that but they are smart and did not take the bait. Knowing that they were still in the walls, I sealed up this hole with lots of duck tape. Still, I checked the hole every time I opened the cupboard door just to make sure. The noise they made at night was so loud I was able to record it on my phone. It was unsettling to say the least. I continued to hear these nightly visitors in various areas of the apartment until I moved out. 3. SPIDERS: there are some poisonous spiders that are very good at hiding and remaining unseen there. My daughter and I were bitten on a number of occasions. These bites were terrible,painful, took a long time to heal and caused permanent scarring. I am not sure what type of spiders they were but the one I saw when I was packing up looked like a hobo spider. There were also plenty of carpet beetles in evidence. I think more thorough extermination efforts need to be made at this complex. 4. WATER PRESSURE--Poor. The bathtub took a LONG time to fill up because the water pressure was so bad. The water never really got very hot either. The cold water in the master bath shower came out red. Obviously some rusty pipes somewhere. We could not drink the cold water as it had a terrible metallic taste so always used filtered water. 5.NO AIR CONDITIONING UNIT--this summer it wasn't a problem but the previous summers it would get so hot in the apartment I couldn't stay there. 6. CLEANING DEPOSIT AND FEES--I just moved out, spent three days cleaning the apartment from top to bottom yet was charged an additional $150 cleaning fee. Why.......because "it was not in turn over clean shape for the next resident. The items that we saw there were not done and required us to call the cleaners out where: window seals, windows, blinds, master bathroom sink, master shower metal framing, master bath light switch cover, living room light switch cover, inside edge of heaters in all rooms." That is in their words. I HAD thoroughly cleaned all those areas except the window seals and blinds. I HAD cleaned the inside edges of the baseboard heaters but obviously they found something I missed. I had mistakenly assumed that there would be a routine cleaning done by the company upon move out at no charge. WRONG! The materials used in the apartment are cheap and so the metal around shower door corroded. I was charged for that. Perhaps the rusty red water that comes out of the master bath shower had something to do with that. I am not sure what the problem was with the light fixture covers....perhaps a smudge. So be forewarned...not much will be considered "NORMAL WEAR AND TEAR" I have no issue with paying for actual damage. Some of the carpet had to be replaced. FAIR. Being charged an extra $150 cleaning charge fee on top of the $400 pet and security deposit--UNFAIR. I could have hired a company to clean the few things I missed for less than $50 as I am sure it could have been done in under an hour. They should be up front about their policies before you move in and let people know that they will be charged a cleaning fee no matter how clean you leave the apartment.
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