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Resident · 2010 - 2011
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Office Staff
Hello, I highly suggest not living at Watercrest apartments due to the management staff and the company Guardian Management. If for some reason you do choose to live at WaterCrest apartments, please protect yourself by reading every page of the rental agreement and most importantly, completely fill out a document which is called something like a Pre-inspection or "before moving in" document. The apartments are from the 1900's so no matter what, I should have known the place was going to smell old and dingy. Anyway, I didn't fill this sheet out with every little detail and because of that, it cost me in the end. I highly suggest living in the apartment for one week with the windows closed for a day and then filling out the Pre-Inspection sheet. When I received my move out bill, the apartment manager decided that my apartment needed a pet carpet cleaning due to the smell but here is the thing, I never had a pet living with me the whole time I stayed at WaterCrest. When I called the manager to state that I never had a pet living with me and that I am not paying the bill, he was extremely corporate and didn't care. Basically he said it was done and there was nothing for him to do. I was a great tenant, never late with my rent and had one complaint from my downstairs neighbor that I personally took care of by apologizing to him and his family, but apparently all that didn't matter. Looking back, I should have learned something from my first Guardian experience because a completely different apartment complex ran by this company did the same thing to me when I vacated. In the end, I left Watercrest with an extremely sour taste in my mouth and the knowledge that I will never again rent from a Guardian Management property. I strongly suggest that you do the same, tell your friends, WaterCrest and any complex ran by Guardian Management equals an unpleasant experience in the end. Thank you for reading this.
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