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Resident · 2011
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Office Staff
Pros: Nice mgmt staff, and prompt maintenance staff, the view and large apartments. Con: NO MANEGEMENT ON SITE AFTER HOURS. WHY ON EARTH IN A PLACE THIS LARGE THERE IS NO ON-SITE MANAGEMENT 24/7. If an issue arises you cant address it right away, have to wait till the next day and then cross your fingers it gets dealt with. Con: DIRTY, NASTY SMELLING COMMMON AREAS- it appears as if NO ONE cleans the common areas - completely embarrassed to invite guests over as the commmon ways are what is described. Con: NOISE NOISE NOISE - the walls are paper thin, you can hear every step taken in the building, you can hear the rats in the walls, you can hear every single noise from the apartment above you, including wonderful bathroom noise, which means they can hear mine. Right now as I type, am listening to someone perform gounds maintenance since 8am on a Saturday, so since I couldnt sleep, decided to get up and write my comments here. Con: UNSANITARY CONDITIONS - dog crap is left all over the place. LIttle kids run around and play on the grass, not a good thing. Con: WATER - the water is constantly yellow when you turn it on. You have to let it run for 2 minutes before any clear water comes out. NEVER DRINK IT, always filter. NO PRESSURE either. Con: CHEAP QUALITY - the carpets, paint and kitchens are of the cheapest quality for what they charge for rent. Most units have been refurbished, but nothing of quality. THEY ARE NOT GOURMET KITCHENS AS DESCRIBED ON THEIR WEBSITE. Gourmet kitchens tend to have quality appliances, quality cupboards (not old ones painted with the cheapest of white paint) and who uses white paint in a kithen? The paint is sloppily applied, trims on the bottom of walls are not properly applied, there is gappage and parts where it just isnt complete. SHOWERS are made of tile and grout which molds instantly as the fans in the bathrooms dont work well. The metal trim of the shower doors rust easily. Con: WASHER/DRYER LOCATION - most washer/dryers were placed in closets in the master bedroom, DOES THAT MAKE SENSE? NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and even then, they were not installed in a way that looks good, fits in the closet or allows for any proper ventilation or release of heat from the dryer. Con: PARKING - unless you pay for a covered stall, goood luck in finding a spot to park. Why they dont assign spots, covered or uncovered to actual tenants, I dont understand. Lots of visitors take up parking spots that should be available to actual paying tenants. Con: On a social side, too many kids left to roam and make mayhem without much supervision from their parents. Dont get me wrong, I love children, but parents, please, pay more attention to them. They shouldnt be running around at 11pm riiding their skateboards, or screaming, getting in to the pool after hours. Con: MOVING HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE. Con: THEFT - car thefts and damage occur, SO WATCH OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, as I prepare for the move out, reflections of the past years come in. I will miss the water view, miss what used to be a nice, calm place to live. But I DO NOT REGRET THE DECISION TO MOVE OUT.
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