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happyatscandia • Resident 2000 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 09/01/2005
I've read the other reviews on this apartment complex. I have to disagree with most of what was said on the negative reviews. I've lived at this complex for over 5 years, and have even moved a new husband into the apartment. <br>Yes, the pipes run rusty for the first few seconds. The buildings are over 30 years old, what do you expect? The very thing that makes the pipes run rusty is also the thing that brings so much charm to the apartments. Over 30 years ago, they believed in giving apartment dwellers space and storage, and this complex is an example of that. <br>I live in a two bedroom, having moved from a small one bedroom to the larger unit over a year ago. The small one bedroom was charming, in an L configuration. It's perfect for one person or two people who are really close! The "large" one bedroom is also well laid out, with plenty of storage and a good sized deck. <br>But the two bedroom unit is where Scandia shines. Not including the deck, the apartment is over 1000 sq feet of space. The bedrooms are spacious, with either a sliding door closet or walk in closet in each, depending on location in the building. The storage in the apartment is superb, with a pantry in the kitchen, plenty of closet space, and large closets in the bedrooms. Each unit is equipped with full sized stack W/D. The kitchen is a galley kitchen, with a lack of counter space, but that's one of the few drawbacks. It's a one bathroom, but the commode and tub are separated from the vanity, so both facilities can be used at one time.<br>The deck is where the two bedrooms really shine, tho. The decks average 10X17 feet, and is really an extra room in the apartment. Even when it's raining, unless you're a foot or closer to the railing, you don't get wet, so it's truly an all weather deck.<br>I know the managers, having lived there for as long as I have, and I find them to be pleasant and fair, as long as you are. They do not suffer fools gladly, however, and will tell someone if they feel that person is out of line. The managers (specifically the ----) have been dealing with ----------------------- of late, and can be distracted at times. But that doesn't stop the repair requests from happening!<br>They have had problems getting decent assistant managers, because they are kind people who believe in giving people a chance. The problem is, their choice of assistants has always been with their heart more than their head. But, the complex suffers very little from this. The managers daughter and son in law are currently filling the assistants positions.<br>I would wholeheartedly recommend living here.
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Avia Apartments

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