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Fountain Court Apartments



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gg11 • Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/07/2005
fountain court apts, <br>simply a joke from beginning to end, when we first moved in, we noticed paint splatter everywhere, maintenance is pathetic, last week they fixed an unconnected pipe to the water tank, by putting a cork in it from a wine bottle we had to give them. the closet doors are always falling off because they are installed wrong. there is a rampant mold problem, they are trying to blame on tennants, when it obviously has been there for years.<br>i asked management to be released from my lease in june because of condo conversion yet they somehow forgot so im stuck for another month. convient lies and the company line on things like deck repair, "it is for saftey reasons we are re building them" flat bold faced lies are what the management and staff are all about. lets not forget brio, the new condos, and the new owner dave, nice work dave turning low level apts into low level condos and getting top dollar, only a fool would buy one from these habitual liars and thieves, dave is a smart man to have linda the fountain court manager lie for him and steel the tennants money as best she can because she does it so naturally, i actually think she believes the crap she spews to people. i advise anyone who is thinking of renting/buying from fountain court/brio to have their head examined, unless you like liars and thieves getting as much money out of you as they possibly can for as little service as they can possibly provide.<br>
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Fountain Court Apartments

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