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Millwood Estate Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 08/29/2005
First off, if you have complaints, its only because something bad happened to you or you were confronted on something you did and dont like it. when you get pissed all you care about it what youre mad about, everyone complains but never compliments....<br>Ive lived in larger, way nicer complexes before and they had a ton of car break-ins. It doesnt matter where the property is, its gonna happen. Its not like the management tells robbers to come get their residents cars... <br>The rent is cheap, utilities included-that you cant find anywhere anymore, and staff is very friendly. but remember, you are rude to someone youre not gonna get the nicest attitude back. I havent had any problems with my car or my guests parking. So they may have to walk a bit, but so what. My neighbors are all quiet and very friendly. At first there were a few "problem" people that lived here, but they all seem to be gone. <br>And like someone said before, you want things fixed asap, want a lot of parking spaces for you and your guests, want no noise from neighbors and want to make noise, then you need to be in a house. <br>and dont want to get towed out of a fire lane? (then dont park in it-didnt they teach you that in drivers ed?)<br>oh yeah, electricity is billed every two months in snohomish county. <br>the apartments were built almost 20 years ago. they arent gonna be brand new with all new everything. you want all that then go down the street to the brand new places and pay up the *ss in rent. <br>ive worked in similar businesses and keep in mind, they dont own and run the place, they work under people like everyone else and cant make all the decisions.<br>bottom line is ive been here for a while and i really like it. friendly neighbors, good staff, affordable and convenient.
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Millwood Estate Apartments

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