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cokee • Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/06/2007
OMG...Where do I begin? ...When I originally saw the place it was bright and sunny out and it looked liveable...Unfortunetly that soon changed! It all began right after we moved in...We left for our honeymoon very happy! When we got back from our honeymoon 2 weeks later our bathroom was torn apart and there were tools everywhere! What the heck?...1st of all they didnt call us and ask us if they could enter our apt and 2nd there was a giant gaping hole in the bathroom wall, wind was actually coming through! I asked if this apartment had pets in it before us because it smelled like cat piss and she said "ohhhh noooo" yeah whatever...so we complained so many times that they finally replaced our carpet (6 mths later) but there was an episode with that also..The maintenance guy, we will call him Rodd (LOL). Told me that he would have "his guys" come help us move all our furniture from room to room since it wasnt our fault the carpet wasnt replaced before we moved in. He called me a liar and said he never said that! Why would i make that up? ohhh and my husband and I have to take showers together because there is never enough hot water and this is without running the washer or doing any dishes :( They take forever to fix anything and when they do come to fix it they try to play it off like its our fault. The staff is sooo rude and they never know whats going on...the jacuzzi was broken for a full year!!!!! when I went to swim in the pool it was like i was swimming in a ice pond, I never warmed up! The tv and equipment is broken in the workout room. Whenever we want to play racket ball either the lights are out or there are kids manopolizing it. Kids are always knocking on my door asking for money. I hear OOOOMMMMpa music at all hours of the night and day. People are soooo nosey and always in your business. There are cops here every day and have even knocked on our doors a few times looking for people. You can hear the other tenants all throughout the apartment including going pee! Our hallway is always soooo dirty and there is much much more but I will stop there! WE HATE THIS PLACE!!!!!! AS soon as our lease is up we are outta here!!!!!!
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