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Serra Vista



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/27/2007
I dont even know where to begin. When we moved into this complex the manager (Betsy) who was a accquaintance of ours and was the nicest and most helpful manager you could ask for. Then about a month after we moved in, she left the complex to pursue a different career and that is when our personal hell began. Parking is regularly a nightmare. I really resent that I have to pay to get a covered parking spot that is further away from my building than parking on the street. It isn't great fun to have to drag 15 bags of groceries and two small children across a busy street just so I can get to my front door. Every neighbor we have had since we lived her has been an absolute nightmare and they refuse to do anything about it. RIght now we live below a bunch of partying kids that management refuses to do anything about. I find their cigarette butts on my car from them tossing them off the deck. My husband and I are constantly getting ashed and spit on whenever we are outside. In the middle of the night they start blaring techno music and screaming and yelling and jumping around so much that they knock pictures off our walls and management does NOTHING except tells us to call security and let me tell you that they are no good either. The last time we called them, they called us back an hour later telling us that they couldnt even find our building! There is a TON of illegal activity happening around this complex all the time, I have had to lock my family up inside and call 911 because of people brandishing weapons in the parking lot. They like to say that they have "remodeled" these apartments but it is so far from the truth....yah maybe they replaced some cupboard doors, but those arent even attatched correctly, the trim is just painted over, the counters were just spray painted a different color, all my towel and toilet paper holders have fallen off the walls, the fixture on my kitchen sinks comes completely off on a regular basis, and insulation is horrible as well, I would probably have to tape up all the doors and windows like some scene out of a weird movie just to not feel a constant draft....I could go on and on. There is a very nice maintenance guy there that I see working his tail off all the time, but he is the exception. I dont know how many different maintenance guys I have seen in the last year that have "moved on" whether they be thiefs, child molestors....I've heard it all. I can not count on them to fix anything in a decent amount of time and you have to hound them constantly to even get them to return a phone call. The office staff is horrible. The manager is frankly not a very nice person, that acts like she is doing you a favor by even talking to you and her leasing agent is even worse. They rarely return a phone call or do what they say they will when they promise it. I can barely get them to get off their personal phone calls or put down a cigarette to even acknowledge my presence. Not to mention all the illegal practices that I know have taken place.....I could go on forever....this place is a TOTAL NIGHTMARE
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Serra Vista

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