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Carroll's Creek Landing



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/10/2007
We moved here 2 years ago because of the price, size, garage and the fact that we could have our 50 pound dog here. Also, we have always liked living in military housing and being surrounded by other military families. We thought it would be great. Boy, were we in for a suprise.<br><br>First of all the dog poop situation is out of control. I have 2 dogs and haven't left one turn lying around in 2 years. But if you walk out my front door there is dog poop every foot or so, and not just small ones. It looks like there is livestock living in this complex. Forget the management doing anything about it. They tell you to put it in writing and then they put a notice on the person's front door. I've taken matters into my own hands recently and have been putting the poop in places the dog's owners won't find very appealing.<br><br>I had mice in my house for over 6 months. I called the front office almost on a daily basis. I was fining them in my pantry every single morning and actually caught 3 of them alive. After throwing away a couple of hundred dollars of food and my husband complaining to his command, the office finally sent out a professional pest control service instead of the inept maintenance man. The pest person fixed one screen outside and I haven't seen a mouse since.<br><br>Also, I had a drug house next door and the people who lived there played music unitl all hours of the night and all day long too. This guy actually beat a guy up at the park behind our house in broad daylight in front of a bunch of kids playing. The office did nothing. I complained numerous times about the noise and drugs and fighting. They didn't care. The guy must have been paying his rent on time. They only moved out after he beat the crud out of his wife and the cops came to arrest him and found a bunch of drugs on him. <br><br>This place is dangerous to live in. There are kids running all around the neighborhood all hours of the night and day. The management doesn't care if these kids are run over or kidnapped or raped. I know the parents should be watching their kids, but if they are not then the management should do something about it. Tell the kids to go home. Take them home. Something. <br><br>If you like to be kept up all night by loud neighbors having drug orgies, or almost killing kids while driving through your neighborhood, or stepping in dog poop on a daily basis, or fighting off mice in your pantry each morning, than this place is definitely for you! We are buying a house and moving next month. God forbid our loan doesn't close because I am going to go insane if I have to live here 2 more years until we are transferred.
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Carroll's Creek Landing

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