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3209 Shorewood Drive

Mercer Island, WA 98040



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/28/2007
Just echoing a familiar theme about the management here. Riverstone took over in late 2005 just before Xmas. What a terrible present it was to the residents and the old staff.<br><br>You could feel from day one this was a corporate takeover. Oh sure they told us "how great" they would be, but it was all talk. After getting rid of the old staff immediately, (Oh they did offer them to keep their jobs at around a 50% pay cut. Hmm, what would you do?) they were flying blind and seemed to be blind and deaf to customer service since. <br><br>Gone were the good ol' days of the staff having wine tastings or Octoberfest parties for the residents and replaced with spaghetti/hot dog dinners. Gotta keep those costs down and maximize profits! <br><br>Dealing with them moving in or out is a painful experience that I don't have enough time or space to get into it. All I have to say is get it in writing (anything they say is ok) from them! Learned a hard expensive lesson for not doing this.<br><br>As for parking, it is tough on the top half of the property to get after 9pm and the gas bills are outrageous, but these things existed there already, so I can't blame them for it, but perhaps with their ruthless corporate efficiency, they could fix these problems, but why do anything for the resident's benefit? The residents are there to line the coffers of Riverstone.<br><br>It's a real shame what has become of Shorewood. It was once a really fun community, where you actually liked to get to know the staff and became the place where you now where you only want to see them when you drop the rent (drop box avoids this too).<br><br>It's location is great and corporate uses that to its full advantage by basically saying "we know this is Mercer Island and try finding somewhere else here better/cheaper" attitude to its residents.<br><br>This is the first time I ever moved because of management. Sure rents have gone up, but they're up everywhere. This move was not about money, but for management/Riverstone it is "all about the money" and it's painfully obvious.<br>
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