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Copper Creek Apartments



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cosmogl--- • Resident 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 10/04/2005
We have lived here for almost a year, we live on the copper creek preserve side, so we have no issues with the dirt pit other than the slow moving trucks coming in and out at 10 MPH. The community is constantly landscaped, so it looks nice. They play yard is really small and kind of ------ if you ask me. The kids run wild thru the complex but not on this side..LOL, stay away from the 3 brs and you will be ok or just live on the backside near the creek-no kids! woo hoo, our neighbors were loud and we could hear them talking but I didnt mind much. The pool was nice, and not occupied much except for weekends. The staff was really nice, atleast to us they were. The rent is really expensive and so were the utilites, after all the bills you will pay about 1000.00 to live on a bottom floor. The crime is basically non exsistant. I have seen the police 1 time since being here, but a cop lives here..LOL so??? <br>This place is way comfortable, the maintenance man (old guy) is really nice immediatly responsive, I didnt have to fill out any papers to get him to come. Our next door neighbors are awesome old couple we love! so sweet and friendly. This place is really great, so if you leave neg feedback then you must not have paid the rent to get a crappy attitude. Or maybe you paid the rent and it is high-yes, but for a apt...This is really nice and if you see the prices, they are actually comparable to the surrounding areas. The neighborhood is not white trashy like they said before, the next door neighbors are trashy but the rest of the area is really nice. Would I recommend this to a friend - yes, will i renew the lease? no, just because the price with utilities is the same as a nice house in fife or tacoma, so Im going that route. If I was living in apartments, i would stay. I overall love Copper Creek. If you come see it around 4pm, you will see it in real form, the kids running around, the low level of traffic, and how quiet it is..maybe you will like it, maybe not, but it is nice! this gate does work as I get yelled at by the pizza man who had to wait for a long time to get in..lol
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Copper Creek Apartments

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