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Carvel Apartments



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Roslynchik • Resident 2003 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/10/2005
I was a tenant here for 2 years. The first problem I had was when one of the base heaters didn't work in the kitchen, it would just blow cold air. I called maintenance, they came out, looked at it, said they needed to order parts, and I never heard from them again. Then when I went to move out, I called to make sure I was doing everything according to their "rules," and was told, among other things, that carpet cleaning would be my responsiblity. I was told to leave the apartment in as good of condition as when I moved in. My family and I spent 5 hours after everything was moved out, cleaning every spot in that apartment, including carpet cleaning. We were told that we could request a walk-through with a member of managment to let us know if anything could be done on our own so we wouldn't incure and charges. Of course when we called, the office staff said no one was available to do the pre-walk through, as described in my move out paperwork. I gave them a 30 day notice, and told them I wanted to be present for the walk through they claimed they needed to do before I moved out, and the day I moved out. I moved on a MONDAY during office hours!! Finally the maintenance manager came to look at the apartment, and I have 3 witnesses that said he said everything looked fine, and there was nothing that we needed to do. 2 weeks later, I get a bill in the mail for $224 in damages. When I called the office, of course no one was available to explain the charges to me, and the "assistant manager" would call me back on Sunday. A week later, I have still not heard from anyone. And my deposit I made prior to moving in? Its apparently just dissapeared, because it hasn't gone towards any of these charges. Its sad... I've lived in Mukilteo almost my entire life, and LOVED living there. Too bad I had to have such a bad experience in a town I love, as have several other people from reading these comments. If you plan to move here, BEWARE!!! Take pictures, call and call until you get it done, or else they'll do the same to you!!!
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Carvel Apartments

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