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Castle Creek



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purespeed206 • Resident 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/23/2007
Wow! Watch out for the contract. I'm writing this to warn everyone about the lease contract. There are alot of hidden charges when you leave. Granted, legally all the charges are in writing but I've never seen an apartment go to this level of detail. Every item has a cost. Here's my breakdown:<br><br>5 month lease, building 2 east, no pet, non-smokers, 2 people<br>1. $25.00 Clean blinds<br>2. $10.00 Replace Drip Pans<br>3. $100.00 Full Paint<br>4. $45.00 Carpet Cleaning<br><br>1. I explained to management that we cleaned the blinds. They said that unless its absolutely spotless like brand new we charge $5 per blind for health reasons.<br>2. We used the drip pan once.<br>3. We only lived there for 5 months. The policy is that they charge you no matter what depending on how many months you live there for. The longer, the more you pay.<br>4. We're asian so we don't wear shoes in the household. Unless you have it professional cleaned and show proof of that fact, they charge you this $45 fee. You can't do it yourself with the rugdoctor from QFC.<br><br>Noise: Now let's talk about the noise. There are 2 moving companies across the street from the apartment. In addition, there's a cabinet company. When I signed up, I asked about this issue. They basically gave you a sense that it is noisy but the trucks don't come that often. This is absolutely not the case. They come often and often at night. Summer time is the worse because you have to leave the windows open because of the heat. I especially loved being woken up at 7am on a Saturday morning. Every so often you will get the cabinet company running their machinery. If you live at Castle Creek, you will know what I'm talking about. Its a very pitchy squeel. Neighbor noise can be very loud because the walls are very thin. I've often heard conservations from next door neighbor. Floor also creaked on a portion in your apartment.<br><br>Security: They have secure doors but only if they close all the way.<br><br>Kitchen: Our refrigerator was slightly smaller than standard. Food spoiled 50% faster from our last apartment. The Sink was painted over. Over the months, the normal wear and tear caused the paint to peel.<br><br>Parking: Can be difficult later in the night when everyone gets home.<br><br>Good things: Management are very friendly and nice.<br><br>In the end, for the price you pay you could do better. I lived at the Solara in Lake City before this. They charged $200 more per month but the building was built like a rock. Even with my neighbor blasting his radio, I could only hear it when I was in the hallway. I didn't get charged for paint, blinds, pan or carpet. I lived there for 1 year. This was temporay housing until our house was completed. I hope my story will bring you to a inform decision when considering Castle Creek.
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Castle Creek

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