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Alpine Village



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/15/2007
We recently moved out of this complex. While we don't look for much in an apartment, this was below even our standards. The children are worse than we have ever experienced - worse than most apartment complexes. There was an arsonist for a very long time. We have never felt the need to get renters insurance until we moved into Alpine. <br><br>Most of the time, doors are open so you can hear the abundance of white-trash fighting and terrible, loud music. You can hear constant crying and screaming and yelling about kids and by kids. While this happens even in the winter, in the summer it is almost unbearable. <br><br>It is impossible to use any of the 'benefits' such as fitness center, pool, basketball courts, etc, because they are always overrun with out-of-control kids. Laundry is out of the question, as the machines are always either taken, out of order, or closed. The management seems nice and on top of it when you first move in, but don't be fooled. Prepare to wait for weeks on end for maintenence, be cleaned out completely with move-out costs, and to find un-helpful at best night staff. <br><br>If you do happen to accidently move here, try to get an apartment on the outer edges of the complex. We had one, and know we never would have lasted as long as we did without one. <br><br>Really, we didn't expect much, moving into an apartment complex this cheap in Tumwater. But we deserved much more than what we paid for. Beware!
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Alpine Village

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