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Cooper's Glen Apartments



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greensky94 • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/15/2005
I am very concerned about my health as a resident in my current apartment at the Cooper's Glen. I realize I had signed a waiver about the mold, however I was not under the impression that EVERY apartment had it in such LARGE quantities nor that it was LETHAL. I have lived here since June, and have each of the symptoms of black mold poisoning as do my roommates, and a guest who has only even been here for a week. We have tried various sprays around the bath tub and sink but the trouble is it is under the carpet and tiles. My lungs ache and my nose is always congested, and i have never felt this out of it in my life (and no its not because i smoke pot because i don't!). I feel pretty damn helpless as i realize the waiver means i cannot complain, but i mean now we this 20 dollar a month increase i just found out today, its just really pissing me off! I am going to be moving as i am completing powerless in fixing this situation (i dont have the right to rip up the carpet and tiles obviously) but i am SO frustruated because i dont have a car and need a close location to TESC campus as i am a student. I also grew up across the country in a place with much better health standards, and i truly am appalled. I came across this site when looking up Cooper's Glen and Black Mold and just wanted to hear other's opinions on this extremely serious and dangerous issue. Also, please as great as a location it appears i do warn any other greeners looking into this place as i dont want any others getting sick! (my friend's friends actually ended up in the hospital from this!)<br>take care everyone<br>(p.s. i am putting parking as a nightmare only because of the severe theft issues (i actually can hear them breaking in) otherwise it is fine)
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Cooper's Glen Apartments

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