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Resident · 2007 - 2008
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Office Staff
Before the current management was in place, this place was great and full of families and nice professional types. Over the summer, the people they let move are loud partiers, white trash, and mexi-trash. I go to the hot tub almost every night and there is a party in on the ground floor of J building every single night. I think a bunch of 18 year olds live there and they litter and have garbage all over their patio. I once saw one of them flick a cigarette into the pool. WTF???? The people next door to me (I live in L building) have people coming over all day and all night. I have never seen so much foot traffic in my life. They also play their TV loudly at 3am. It is terrible. Broke down looking cars bump their stereos in the parking lot at all hours. Sometimes rotten garbage overflows the dumpster. It is sad because when I first moved in, it was a great place. The quality of the people they have let move in is very scary to me. It is becoming a housing project. Oh yeah...the parking sucks. Some broken down cars. Near my building, parking is scarce. It wasn't that way before they let the trash move in. And don't ask management questions. They don't know jack.
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The Crossings at Chapel Hill

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