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Prospective Resident · 2008
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Gratitude is the antidote to negative logic, bitterness and resentment Have you ever met someone so bitter about their life that if feels as though they are sucking away all the energy around them? Whether we call them pessimists, ingrates, or those who always see the glass as half empty, they are a drag to be around-so focused on what hasn't worked for them that they can't see the way in which they have been recipients of gifts, blessings and surprises. When we fail to feel gratitude for what has happens iinour lives, we can get hung up on bitterness that prevents us from developing emotionally. If we fail to grow, the light inside us grows dim. Bitterness is the poison that snuffs the light out of our hearts, hardening us to life's pleasures and joys by keeping us focused on what is wrong. Gratitude is an inner light that we can use to illuminate our potential for a happy life. To make a case the sky is falling is perhaps an argument that will be true in one instance, but in the end, negative logic really doesn't hold up. Negative logic is almost always false. Even though you could reason that there is something bad happening all the time, there is always something good happening as well. It becomes difficult to see something good when focused on the negative. In essence, the world is neither good nor bad. At best it is neutral. To build a case around unresolved pain allows fear to grow. WIth hurt feelings, suffering and hopelessness seem inevitable. With anger, we tend to discern plots and enemies lurking everywhere. WIth guilt, we often seek out well-deserved punishment and lose our will to grow. Of course, while this negativity is going on, something good is also taking place. So why not seek the good in your life and be grateful for finding it.
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