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Resident · 2011 - 2012
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Office Staff
NOISE LEVEL 1 / 5 Inside walls are very thin. We were able to hear conversations going on above us and around us. The parking lot was extremely noisy, especially on the weekends. And the noise can occur anywhere from 9pm to 2am (sometimes later). If you have children that are light sleepers, the apartment units that face the parking lot are a bad choice. The outside stairs on the original buildings (not sure about the new addition) are extremely loud. When people run up and down the stairs it reverberates throughout the entire apartment, even to the back master bedroom. The Crossings does have a security company that checks in at night and has a number tenants can call for issues, which is nice. However, the times we used the number the security person was checking in on apartments in other parts of the Tri-Cities and took a minimum of 30 minutes to get to the Crossings. TENANTS 3 / 5 Most of our neighbors were very nice. However, you will find that there are many apartments being occupied by younger people, which sometimes means late night shenanigans, such as (all of these experiences that happened to us): -people urinating next to their cars outside of apartments windows -pictures of genatalia draw on dusty cars -hanging out and talking loudly next to their cars after 12am Turn-over is very high. CLEANLINESS 3 / 5 When we moved into the apartment it was much dirtier than apartments that we have previously lived in (more on this below). For instance: -cleaning toothbrush left on top of the refrigerator -specks of paint on the carpet around the baseboards -crunched up window blinds -smeared dirt on walls. During our first month at the Crossings we experience RAT INFESTATION. The apartments staff was very helpful in getting this taken care of, which was really nice. At the same time, it was a pretty gross experience. eWe had many smoking neighbors that would throw cigarette butts all over the walkway in front of our apartment. Letters were sent out to the building we lived in but the enforcement wasn t very strong, as we continued to have the same problem. MANAGEMENT 3 / 5 Overall, there is not much to complain about with the management in terms of their daily operations. When we had problems with the sink, for instance, they were on it and sent out the staff within the day to fix it. However, our move-out was an overall bad experience. 1) The $250 Deposit is more like a cleaning fee. Don t expect to get much of it back. A friends hired a professional cleaner for us to clean the apartment and make sure it was up to the expectation (3 pg check-list from the mgmt.). We ended up getting 1/3 of our deposit back. -A small smudge of grease in the microwave warranted a $50.00 cleaning fee. Of course, the management denies this, but that is what was told to us in our walk- through at the end and what showed up on check-out report in the mail. An automatic $75.00 carpet cleaning fee is charge no matter what. -If you hang any pictures or curtains, it is a $25.00 fee to have the nail holes covered with spackle and paint. 2) The management was not up to negotiations and conversation on the amount and items charged. Frankly, they were very frustrating to talk to. 3) One of the biggest irritations in the whole move-out experience is that we left the apartment in far better condition than we received it. Which makes me wonder, how much was the tenant before us charged for cleaning at the end, and why was the apartment not in perfect condition? If the Crossings are getting away with taking their tenants Deposits you d at least expect them to impress new residents with clean apartments! OVERALL 2.5 / 5 As is obvious from this review, our experience at the Crossings was not very good. The location is great, but the apartments are not so great. They look wonderful on the outside, but living in them is another story.If you are willing to pay the amount the Crossings charges for monthly rent, I would suggest checking out other apartments in the Tri-Cities that are much nicer. The ones listed below are great. RECOMMENDED Apartments in the Area Bella Vista Apartments ( Gage Blvd., Richland) The Villas (Gage Blvd., Richland)
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The Crossings at Chapel Hill

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