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Arbor Terrace Apartments



Resident · 2013
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My husband and I lived here when we first moved in together before we got married. Moving out was a nightmare. When my husband got PCS orders, because we weren't married yet, I was still obligated to the lease. We knew this and were expecting it. We found someone (via craigslist) willing to take over the lease. They went in to sign the paperwork and THE LEASING AGENT SIGNED THEM FOR A NEW LEASE ON ANOTHER APARTMENT. They claimed that it wasn't my job to advertise apartments, it was theirs and therefore they wouldn't allow the person I made the arrangements with to take over MY lease. My guess is the leasing agents make commission off NEW leases. I suppose they forgot I was a law student. I properly gave my notice, again, and they still TRIED to hit me with a $3,000 bill for breaking the lease. I took the issue up with UDR's legal department. Long story short I didn't pay them a dime, got 100% of our deposit back, and a written letter of apology from the site manager. I will never recommend them. They do bad business, a lesson I am certain that leasing agent learned after UDR's counsel learned of her suspicious conduct.
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Arbor Terrace Apartments

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