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Orchard On The Green



Resident · 2008
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
Yes its cheap, yes its catchy... but trust me, its not worth it once you start living there. The carpet are so old, dog fur feels better! When they showed us the "model" apartment, it was nice. But when we actually moved into another one, the carpet was all stained, the door cabinets, well, ALL THE DOOR cabinets (restroom, rooms, kitchen) were torn apart. The ceiling fans were dirty, the vent/heater WAS SO DIRTY, AND the vent for the restroom didn't work -- mad mode! they told us it was just like that, NO IT WASN'T! We had to get some professional help outside the apt. management because they kept giving us the same excuse, "its just like that 'coz its cold"! When we got the outside help, WOW! Vent works well. we had to move out because the mode got worst in the rooms. The windows were bringing in cold air and it wasn't working well for my little kids - they were getting sick (allergic reactions). So, please if you got kids, please try to avoid this complex. Go find something better, safer, and helpful. Okay, the people at the office. They talk the talk, but don't walk the walk. They don't know GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! Too many people working there, all useless. They have the best and reasonable excuses on the planet. The manager needs to get out. If RMI is reading this, get her out of there - she is ruthless. There were so many times that we complained about the people upstairs banging, screaming, domestic affairs/violence, and all they do is "write up warnings" ... more warnings.... more warning... and more warnings... again, they talk the talk, but don't walk the walk. They make stupid people work at the office!!!!! Don't waste your time here, move! Pass this apt. complex and pay the extra $100; I wish I would have read these past ratings before we moved in. Now that we're out of there, I can never be more happy. Oh, no matter how hard you cleaned your apartment, not matter how clean it even looks... they will ALWAYS find an excuse to charge you. Like I stated earlier, the ceiling fans, vents, heater were dirty... well, they charged us for not cleaning it?!?! WHAT THE F*** I know, well... again, stupid people work at the office! Please stay away!
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Orchard On The Green

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