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Orchard On The Green



Resident · 2008 - 2010
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Office Staff
cheap living but at what cost!!! still been here for lil over 2 years and just got a new job! i'm out as soon as the lease is up! first thing they say when you move in is invest in bleach to kill the mold and i didn't think anything of it but god o'l mighty is it a problem! parking sucks many times i came home and my spots taken. DO NOT use their washers or dryers clothes always smell worse when washed with their machines!!!!! saw the employees dumping the recycleing bens into the dumpsters... whats the point in recycleing if their just going to trash it! if it's all you can afford i guess go for it, but if ya can fork out a few more bucks DO IT!!!!!!!!!!! gym sucks half of the equipment is broken! carpet is ratty, gutters have been falling off since the snow of 09 and havent yet tried to fix it! over all DO NOT MOVE IN!!!! POS i've asked to get my shower fixed little while back they said theirs nothing wrong with it... months later they fix it cause of a rotted out ciling on the apt right under us... good job guys
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Orchard On The Green

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