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Orchard On The Green



Resident · 2015 - 2018
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Office Staff
If i could give staff 0 stars I would. It has been nothing but a nightmare living here. Fist of all, if you arent Asian, you get treated like ---- from the staff. They have the same rules for all the tennents, but if you are Asian you can break the rules and not get into any trouble. The assistant managers adult son lives on the pproperty with her and sells hard drugs on the property. Multiple police reports and multiple complaints went no where. I had to go above the office's head and talk to Brian Reeder of Reeder property management to get any sort of assistance. He told me in a voicemail (still have it) that that man is now banned from the property and to call the cops if we see him again. We kept calling when he came back, but because the property manager failed to have the trespass in writting, the cops couldn't do anything about it. The assistant manager since then has held a grudge against us and is very rude. There is 0 tolerance for drugs here but the assistant managers son can sling meth to anyone here and it's a-okay with management. We got a 10 day to comply or vacate shortly after confronting the office about the, drugs because my husband and I smoke cigarettes on our porch (we are aloud to per lease) but now are told only one person at a time can smoke, we can walk off the property or smoke inside the home but would need to pay for damages. We are the only people that need to follow this rule that isnt in the lease and it is not in writing and is not fair to us. Why would someone suggest a disabled person with 3 children and an ESA to smoke indoors is beyond me, I don't smoke in the car with my kids, why would I smoke in my home with them? I look out at all the other balconies with 2-5 people smoking at a time and no one else seems to care or complain. I have complained about our neighbor multiple times. I was told I couldn't call and complain and all complaints need to be in writhing. It took over 3 weeks for the first warning letter to be on their door. Nothing changed. Emailed office again, a week and a half later get another reply that it will be handled. Another notice is on the door but again nothing changes. Another complaint sent after neighbors keep smoking in common areas on front porch (against lease), leaving rotten trash on porch for literally weeks on end, and talking loudly on the phone on the front porch about what drugs they had to sell. Still waiting for a response, it's been a few days. Manager Johnnie is NEVER in the office. She will set up meetings with you and then at the last minute cancel. She is very unprofessional in how she handles concerns and complaints and so is her staff. The mold here is BAD. It's everywhere. I've had a maintenance guy come into my home with absolutely no permission or notice. There's needles by the playground so often, I don't let my kids play at the park. Lots of hard drugs here. I've personally witnessed about 15 drug deals just this year, and yes I call the cops every time. When we renewed our lease (because we couldn't afford to move) they failed to tell us that since we signed up for another year that we would get $100 off next months rent. She never showed me the paper when we resigned our lease. Luckily, when I went home I went back to read the lease after signing everything she told us to sign and found the paper with no signatures but said $100 off march. I think they purposely decided not to tell us in hopes we would pay more rent so they could pocket the remainer. I've heard stories from other tenets about Arlene stealing money from them and going to the casino and gambling with it.
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Orchard On The Green

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