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Orchard Pointe Apartments



Resident · 2016 - 2017
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Office Staff
Don't be fooled by the professional pics posted on craigs list or the immaculate model they show you, this is what this ---- hole really looks like taken by someone who lived there. The manager Karlee Chambers will schmooze you and smile and tell you anything until she gets your money but she is a habitual liar, lacks basic decency and morality and is ill equipped for the job. The older tenants who have been there for years will tell how it used to be a nice place until she came to work there. They allow multiple dogs per apt who will bark and wrestle above you in the upstairs apts on laminate floors at all hours which makes an awful racket for the people below. There is dog ---- everywhere and the odor is enough to gag you. Karlee's response to noise complaints is for you to call the cops. This is her way of sherking her job responsibilities. They have lights in the parking lots but refuse to turn them on leaving everyone's cars in the dark. An invitation for thieves of which there are many there; of course they stipulate in the lease that they are not responsible for any theft. They save money and YOU get robbed. There are people sleeping in junk cars in the parking lot who ask for money if you happen to walk by. The traffic noise from the street is like living next to a race track. As seen from the pics they let the trash pile up waist high on the ground which is a health hazard. They have propped up one building which looks to be falling down. The police know the place well and are there every week.Additionally, they leave the baseboards off as clearly shown in the pics because they're too damn cheap to have them put back on. Their rent is ridiculous for what you get plus numerous admin fees and app fees and deposits. $200 non-refundable. An additional $100 is added to your rent for water that tastes awful, sewer, and the mountains of garbage. The apts are owned by the Neider company in seattle; an investment firm that has no clue how to run an apt building, they just suck people dry. They don't respond to complaints or correspondence either because they don't care about they're tenants just their money. It really is a place of last resort one step up from living in the street though not much better and a whole lot more expensive. You are urged to think twice before giving these degenerates your money!
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Orchard Pointe Apartments

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