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Avalon Parcsquare



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Office Staff
Resident 2001 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/07/2005
I have lived in this building for over 4 years and very much agree about the decline in management and upkeep of the apartments. Things are looking grungy and old -- certainly not what you'd expect for the rent most residents pay. <br><br>Plus, the management here doesn't take an interest in resident quality of life. Their whole motto is "Time..." like Avalon is supposed to provide more time in your life. Yet, they don't take the time to provide anything beyond the bare necessities... they don't even deliver packages anymore. They used to years ago. I hope the management gets a clue and consider the Customer Experience, not just their bottom line. <br><br>Also, the noise on the road side is unbareable. I don't see how anyone could live in the south building on the road side because of the buses. We are right on a busline to the park/ride park. There are double buses going by right under the windows all hours of the early morning and late night. Forget about sleeping if you live in the south building road side! <br><br>Overall, the quality of our building has declined while the rent have increased. Not a good formula for resident retention.<br><br>But downtown Redmond is a great place to live and is getting better with the improvement the local gov't is trying to make. I hope they keep that up and Redmond downtown becomes even more populated with condos/apts/shops.
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Avalon Parcsquare

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