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Lexington Heights



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 09/22/2005
I have been living here for 1 and half year. Safe neighborhood, but car was broke into a few times inside the property, not mine though.<br><br>When I moved in, I often saw courtesy PD patrol cars inside property. I was even asked to prove that I am a resident here when I followed front car during the night when the gate is closed. Yes, this property has gated access, but the gate broke a few times and had been left broken for a few weeks. Fixing broken lights took almost 2 weeks when I asked. It seems fixing things cannot be done fast.<br><br>When I needed repair around bath tub because of black mold, they responded fast, but repair was so poor that the mold wasn't removed and the maintenance person left dirty soil stain on the carpet and inside the bathroom.<br><br>The quality of repair may be going down hill? or was alredy little poor?<br>I cannot be sure cuz I only needed those repairs within last 6 months.<br><br>But, property maintenance is great.<br>Maintenance people work hard to keep property clean.<br>Building itself is very nice.<br><br>I have never heard neighbor's loud noise. Only downstair neighbor's dog bark which wasn't everyday or all the time, and I didn't mind.<br>The wall is thick enough that I've never received any complaints about listening music loud. (It's not that I do it often.)<br><br>Enough parking space for your friends to park when there is space.<br>Air in the room circulates very well.<br>Nice view from certain building. You can even see part of Seattle July 4th fire works.<br><br>Beside, itfs very close to I-405, but no noise from its traffic.<br>Close access to grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, school and so on.<br><br>All these things are totally depend on "which" building you will be moving in...<br>See other comments, you'll hear the exact reversed opinion of what I've just wrote.<br><br>"I" recommend Lexington Heights Apartment!! :)
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Lexington Heights

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