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Regency Woods



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Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/17/2007
1. My window blew out in the windstorm. Legally a window must be replaced in 10 days. It took them 29, in the middle of a snow storm in December I lived with no window.<br><br>2. The apartment is filled with black mold. My medical bills skyrocketed. Eagle Pointe claimed it was not their fault and did not help clean it.<br><br>3. Years ago these apartments had asbestos. The apartments did not have it removed, instead just covered it with paint. <br><br>4. When it gets icy out the apartments does not sand it. The buildings are up a hill. I have seen old people carrying their groceries break bones slipping on it. We even notified maintence, and they did nothing.<br><br>5. The washing machines are half the size of normal so that you have to pay twice as much to do a load. <br><br>6. All the phone jacks in my apartment were bad.<br><br>7. If the people upstairs don't clean their garbage disposal your sink will overflow.<br><br>8. My ceiling got some random hole in it. The maintence guy told me that it had fixed itself. Well of course, it took him over an hour to get there and by then nobody was taking a shower. <br><br>9. There is alot of gang activity in the complex. My apartment got broken into just because I own a newer vehicle. <br><br>10. The managers try to lie when you try to confront them on something.<br><br>11. The plumbing has not been redone in probably thirty years (the toilets clog from liquids). <br><br>12. There are no fire extinguishers and only one smoke detector in my entire apartment.<br><br>13. You have to pay over a month's rent to break your lease (bribary?)<br><br>14. The stove burners were reversed on my stove.<br><br>15. They refuse to get anything but single pane windows.<br><br>16. I had to park near the laundry room and the water always leaked out to my vehicle, and when it gets icy (which it does quiet often on this hill) my vehicle can't get out of the parking spot.<br><br>17. The stairs are the most dangerous stairs I have ever walked on and very uneven.<br><br>18. There is no scenery.<br><br><br>If none of this info is enough the old neighbor advised me from the first day we talked to get out of this place.<br>
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Regency Woods

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