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2550 Duportail Street, Richland, WA 99352
2550 Duportail Street, Richland, WA 99352

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Riverpointe Apartments

2550 Duportail Street

Richland, WA 99352



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Tobes69 • Resident 2012 - 2013 Not Recommended

Reviewed 04/09/2013

At first I thought this was a great place. I even wrote a review on how great I thought this place was. Even till close to my move out, this was a pretty nice place. Had a HUGE ant problem, but the exterminator, that they paid for, did the job and kept them out. The few issues I did have were handled, except for when the washer was staining my clothes. They did nothing, and said that it must be my deturgent. Well I have been washing clothes for 20 years with the same stuff, and NEVER have I ruined clothes like this before. $100's of dollars worth of clothes, BRAND NEW CLOTHES, ruined. But I couldn't prove it was their machine leaving oily stains on my clothes, so I let that go. When it came time to move out, we cleaned everything, but did forget a few things. We had a guideline list of things that need to be cleaned, so that helped. We were NOT allowed to clean our carpet because of the fact that it was scotch guard and cleaning it without re-scotch guarding it, could cause later stains to stay. We do have 2 pets and unfortunantly, they did have a few accidents. After a few times, we decided to put them away in a kennel so as not to further have this issue. We cleaned the spots as best we could, but without being able to steam clean them right away, the odor soaked to the pad. This was in ONE room of the apartment. A few days after move out, I went to check my mail for the last time and noticed that the carpet in my apartment was being replaced. ALL OF IT. I went to the office to ask why, and they stated that there was damage. I explained that it was only in one room and asked why they were replacing the whole thing. I was informed that they found a match for the original carpet, but couldn't lay old with new. So they had to replace the whole thing. Now I am being charged for 70 percent of the whole apartment replacement of carpet, when only a 5 x 5 section was damaged. So if you have pets, and there is ONE accident, which even the BEST pets could have, EXPECT to pay for the replacement of your carpet. Also, NONE of the $500 or $600 deposit goes towards ANY damages. These are NOT deposits, they are fees. But who knows what for. These are fees that in my eyes are literally for NOTHING! They don't go towards ANY damages or repairs. So you will be giving the company $500-$600 for their pocket. Or $200 if you don't have pets. So you have to pay an application fee per person, and a $200 fee that goes to again NOTHING. I was quite happy with this place till the move out. And also our move out report is signed with NO mention of any pet stains. So UNLESS the MANAGER does your move out report, don't expect that what you have signed is going to be correct. Because she CAN and most likely WILL change something on it.
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Riverpointe Apartments

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