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Shoreline Village



Resident · 2007 - 2008
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Office Staff
This place will blow your mind...in a bad way. The clubhouse APPEARS okay, but after taking a closer look you'll see how poorly it is taken care of. As others have said on this site, the fitness room sucks. You will never walk in there on any given day and see it 100% operable..even 80%, sadly enough. Though "the rule" is anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult in the clubhouse, you will see kids in there (with their friends who probably don't even live here) on a regular basis by themselves. Then you'll know why everything is broken. The nasty tanning bed USED to be free until someone broke the acrylic on the tanning bed. Long story short, it went unfixed for a good 2 months and now they're charging $5 per month for a key to what sounds like a padlock on the door (now that right there is a professional job). Haven't made it over to the clubhouse to view it yet - actually, I tend to avoid it at all cost. I didn't even use the pool all summer for the same reasons. The big screen tv is nice if you enjoy watching tv with complete strangers (i.e. kids or guys that just want to pick up on you). There is only one person who works part time on weekends in the office that is worth speaking to - she's a godsend. Anybody else you won't remember because it's a revolving door type of business - you'll never pay rent twice to the same leasing agent. Most of the office staff is very unprofessional (either in appearance or attitude...or both) and will make you feel like the simplest of questions or the smallest request is the biggest burden. Maybe they just don't want to work. (Funny, I thought that's why they call it a J-O-B?) There is a very creepy guy (slicked back hair and leather jacket - even during summer) that almost makes it a point to make you feel uncomfortable in his presence. Who is he, the owner? I don't know, but he's always spouting off about something that should probably be dealt with behind closed doors. I'd pay two late fees ($50 each by the way) in addition to my rent if it meant never running into that guy! The grounds are maintained fairly well, I really can't complain there. The maintenance crew is very friendly and hard working, despite their lack of english. They do fix the problem the first time, but (due to the office staff, I assume) take 5-7 days to get out to assess the situation. The parking situation is AWFUL. After we moved in they more or less threatened to enforce a new set of parking rules. They DID put in parking places for visitors, but have yet to issue parking permits or enforce the visitor parking. (As a side note: the visitor parking is literally in the way of driving between complexes. Doesn't matter if we're in the full size pickup or the economy sized sedan it's difficult to maneuver between the complexes.) Despite their advertisement of 100% smoker-free complexes, you will notice a smell (be it cigarettes, bacon, or the occasional tater tot smell) in the hallways and stair wells and see several cigarette butts tossed carelessly from peoples' patios. Patios tend to be more of a storage unit due to the lack of storage available inside the unit itself. (Good thing there are two patios per apartment! haha) Basically you'll have a few cupboards to house both food and dishes. No pantry, linen closet, or the like. Yes, folks, your vacuum and broom will probably be stored in your bedroom closet with shoes, coats, and clothes. The closets are average size...even the walk-in closets aren't worth bragging. Bedrooms and living spaces are small, as are the bathrooms. Floor plans aren't bad, just pretty small. Don't believe the leasing agent when she claims there is concrete between the floors (WTF?). I don't know if my neighbors above me are overweight or not, but I hear them STOMPING around all the time. And before them, those people I knew weren't, but I could still hear them walk to and from each room. I can hear the fan in the bathroom above me and FEEL the one in the bathroom below me. From time to time I can hear somebody running a vacuum. As for neighbors on my floor my only complaint is people running and laughing through the halls. I RARELY hear or see anybody on my floor. It's true what they say to look at the cars in the parking lot to see what kind of tenants live in a complex. Lately I've seen more and more hoopties come in...and more white trash. When we first moved in there were a lot of nicer cars - and people. Hope this helps. BTW I work 2 jobs - full time and part time and I'm a full time student. I'm REALLY not making any of this up. I have better things to do with my time, believe me!
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Shoreline Village

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