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Shoreline Village



Resident · 2011 - 2013
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
I lived there for 2 years. The Pool is clean and in good condition. I decided to move after the manager Shannon got fired and a new one Nicole got put in her place. She is a royal pain in the ---. She isn't friendly at all. She always complained when I asked for help to fix something wrong in my apartment. When the lights go out in the hallways it can stay that way for days. Most People don't pick up there dog poop, I have noticed this one lady always doing it while walking her two dogs, as I didn't have a dog I just waved and smiled at her it was nice to see but still not her job. I also find that Nicole has taking over Paulettes job and has made Paulette more groching and not fun loving as she used to be something needs to be done about this lady. There is no number or email listed for the owner and if you ask for it they are rude and don't want to give it to you as I wanted to call and tell him how much I enjoyed living her tell the new management came. She needs to be replaced. I for one left because I didn't want to deal with her. The apartment I rented was a one bedroom. I really enjoyed it. I could hear my downstairs neighbors when they fought was the only downsize to it. When I moved in I found greese in the cupboard, dirt and garbage under the fridge and stove I have OCD so I have to have everything right. The AC/heater was hard to set up but after getting directions I had no problems. The Kitchen was a little small for me as I am a baker. The Pool during the summer is nice expecally during the adult only swim as the kids are loud but that is to be expected there kids. The One downside to living here is the Train it goes by 2-6 times a day sometimes at 1 in the morning and I lived in an apartment by the tennis court and man was it still loud. I had 2 cars and was told towards the end of my renting that we where only allowed one in a reserve spot. But the Manager Nicole had 4 cars and I noticed she always had all of hers parked there by her building and sometimes people can't get to them. There isn't enough handicap parking spaces either there should be more. The lighting at night isn't good I always felt affaird to go out to my car at night. It just to dark they need more street lights there. Over all I would rent from them again if they got rid of Nicole. And the rent is to high for what I got. I got a one bedroom now with a fireplace, and larger kitchen and I pay $175 less for it then I did for my apartment there. Please check around before you sign a lease with them, for these reasons: 1: Management isn't working 2: Maitence don't speak English so they have a hard time understanding what you need done but they get it done for you. 3: Trains can come at any hour of the day 4: Dog owners don't clean up after there animals and don't put them on leashes half the time. 5: The Tanning bed will burn you if you are in for more the 5 min but it is free 6: The work out room is nice but people don't wipe there sweat off so make sure to take wipes or a towel with you. 7: The pool is nice during adult swim, if you can handle kids its great during the day. If you have kids the tennis court, basketball court, and play ground is nice, I always got a kick out of watching the little ones play while on balcony. 8: Double Balcony is so nice, I could go sit and read and sip tea in a cool breeze or sunny day and fell great. 9: People Speed thur the lot to fast almost got hit a few times so be careful 10: I can't stress it enough Nicole has got to go big time. Its not that I didn't like her it is because she was always rude and didn't even try to give me the benifit of the doubt, just said all the time what ever, when they can get to it, you will have to pay for that, and crap like that she never has a smile on her face, she just isnt a people person. 11: Give Paulette a small break people as Nicole came took over her job so now she is doing Shannons old job and not getting enough time with her kids. I think she is depressed over Shannon leaving like that. 12: If you ask you will not get owners phone # or email which is just plain rude as you are paying him $875 a month like me and should be able to talk with him/her about the contions of you living space.. Its an ok place to live near Walmart, Target,Petco, Tacobell, Fred Meyers and schools.
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Shoreline Village

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