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Shoreline Village



Resident · 2014 - 2016
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Office Staff
PROS: - Good Location for quick access to the Bypass to get down to the Hanford Site. - Price was good for number of bedrooms. (may not be true now since rent keeps going up) - Paulette was always nice to us and always reliable. (Don't know why there are other negative reviews of her on here, she was always amiable and helpful) - Clubhouse was generally available to hang out at with friends, and reserving it for parties and such was easy. - Apartments have back sliding doors that lead right out to a small yard and parking. - Washer and Dryer in unit (THANKFULLY) CONS: - Right next to the train (which passes noisily, horn honking, a lot more often than what we were told) - Nicole was almost always on her cellphone and was rude what with her loud entourage of friends always hanging around her. - Thin Walls, especially next to the stairs, can hear people entering and exiting the stairwell clearly - 1 parking spot per apartment is not enforced enough, residents with multiple vehicles frequently take up more than their allotted slots (even though visitor parking is clearly defined) - Bug problem in the summer through fall. - Playground is ancient and meager and always occupied by a dozen kids or more. We lived here for two years. We moved here initially because good location, low price, and Washer and Dryer in unit were a good combo, but we began to notice things as time went by... Worst is the train. It doesn't come by everyday but when it does the conductor sure loves to lay on the horn. Obviously the train conductor has to honk the horn for safety reasons, but it sure is annoying when it occasionally goes off at 2 in the morning, 4:30am, or 11:00pm at night. It's equally annoying getting stuck at the only intersection to leave the apartments too when the train goes by. There are two managers who work here. Paulette and Nicole. Paulette was always friendly and kind to us and when approached with a problem she was reliable in getting issues resolved. Nicole was quite the opposite. She was always on her cellphone chatting it up with her friends (usually gossiping about residents in the apartment) and whenever we came in to talk to her she was rude and seemed upset that her cellphone conversation was interrupted (uhm hello, it's your job to take care of residents, that's what you're getting paid for, not to gossip on your cellphone). Nicole seems to have this entourage of friends as well who are all loud and obnoxious and who all live in the same apartment building (luckily not the same building as us). There is a gross bug problem in the summers through fall where these black and red beetles come out in waves, clinging to the screen door and entering the apartment if you forget to close the screen doors. That being said however, we mostly enjoyed our stay here, but can't recommend it if the price isn't right. (Newly built Mosaic on the River apartments have forced both Shoreline and other nearby apartments to raise rent to stay in business)
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Shoreline Village

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