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Office Staff
Resident 2000 - 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/02/2002
We lived there for almost 2 years. <br> <br>Staff was very nice and helpful after we met with them personally about a problem with some neighborhood kids valdalizing the area. <br> <br>Service is good and bad. It sucks because you have to call the "Archstone" service number to enter a claim. Sometimes that claim doesn´t get to the front office for a while. We were lucky enough that the front office knew us by name. I happened to call them first and they referred me to the official Archstone number. I entered a claim and when the office didn´t see it in 15 minutes, they called back and handled it personally. This was great for the staff to do this, but the Archstone system is stupid and doesn´t work in the first place. <br> <br>Rent= expensive <br>Garage rent = absurdly expensive (110 for a 1 car garage) <br> <br>Walls ok - ceilings and floors=very very thin. Could hear everything upstairs and downstairs. Definitely live on the top if you have to live there. You can hear the pipes knocking in the walls every time someone upstairs, downstairs, or next door uses the sink or toilet. <br> <br>Gym equipment always broken because people let their kids play on it and "use" it incorrectly. I´ve seen kids physically bang on the machines until the cord snaps and the parents don´t do anything about it. <br> <br>Office hours are hit or miss. I´ve waited countless times in the morning for it to open. I would think they could open on time since many of the them live on site. A lot of times the staff is off showing apartment or they are on the phone and so there is no one to help or get packages. <br> <br>Dog ---- everywhere. <br> <br>Kids skateboarding up and down hallways at all hours of day and night. <br> <br>Water heater is in the laundry room in our apartment. Got cold quickly during bath or shower. <br> <br>Only one place to drop off trash. The trash bin/recycling bins get filled up several times a day and usually people just throw their garbage on the ground next to the bin. <br> <br>Not enough parking. Several abandon vehicals. We alerted the staff to one particular jeep wagoneer at least 4 times over the course of 15 months!!! <br> <br>Cleaning costs "magically" added up to exactly the same amount as security deposite. <br> <br>Glad to be out of there. <br>
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Knolls of Inglewood Hill

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